Strange Times – A note from Anne King

Trying to adjust to working from home, not having the interaction with clients and colleagues as I normally do, trying to find different ways to keep those people engaged through these strange times.  After speaking with a number of our NHS Clients the situation we find ourselves in woefully sinks in. These are unprecedented times for us all and I’d like to think that as a race we are all coming together to do whatever we can to get through this.

The other day a colleague and friend that works within the NHS reached out asking for help and support in the coming days within a handful of areas.  Two of those areas were Estates & Procurement.  I like to think that as an individual I’m fairly well connected in these areas and assured him that no matter what he needed, he just need ask and I have no doubt that I could help him or at the very least point him in the right direction. He seemed pleased with my response.  Thanked me and said he would be in touch.

I came away from that conversation feeling like I hadn’t done enough. ☹ Surely come the moment he may need to ask for my help, he would be way too busy to ask.  Our Trusts are about to come under some immense pressure.  The likes of which its never seen, not in my lifetime

With all this in mind, I have called on some industry friends and pulled together a document to send to the Estates staff within Trusts.  This document offers them options for Procurement and lists local companies and contacts, which will help with all their design and construction needs.  This is an elite list of Local Healthcare designers and builders who all have the expertise and resource to move fast.

If this document helps one Trust find the information they need to get moving quicker, then I’ve done my job.  And if nothing else its been a pleasure speaking with my fellow consultant colleagues and competitors all trying to come together to help.   😊