As a leading multi-disciplinary building services practice, Steven Hunt & Associates provides a diverse range of professional services to meet the needs of our clients as well as our project leaders, architects and consultant partners.

Offering the full range of mechanical and electrical services, we leave nothing to chance at Steven Hunt & Associates. Our business development team would love to speak to you about this today! To discuss your requirements with them call 0151 427 8009 or get in touch here.


Our expertise doesn’t just lie in the design and installation of plant and pipes. We excel at creating environments which perform superbly for the people who use them. People function more effectively when they’re comfortable; when they can breathe fresh air and enjoy temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold. Our thermal modelling expertise teamed with extensive practical experience, enables us to create buildings which work in perfect synergy with their occupants.



Skilful electrical engineering can replicate daylight, create a specific ambience and provide focus. While we recognise and promote the natural beauty of light, our specialist engineers bring power to the people with creatively illuminated environments.

Environmental Design

We all strive to preserve our resources and building services engineers are at the forefront in leading the way. Sustainable development is a top priority and at Steven Hunt & Associates we work closely with architects and designers to produce more environmentally responsible solutions.

Utilising advanced building simulation software, façades can be engineered to maximise the positive aspects of our climate. Low energy heating and cooling coupled with natural ventilation systems, responsive lighting and rainwater harvesting are all within the grasp of modern buildings and these are skilfully interwoven in to standard designs.


Fire Protection

We have fire protection specialists in-house who can provide advice on fire engineering strategies and cost-effective fire protection solutions.


When we embark on any building project, what lies beneath is as important as the building taking shape above.

We look underground at the existing infrastructure before assessing each building’s needs. Our engineers can locate main cables and pipes, estimate capacity and calculate reinforcement costs to ensure that each development is connected to its surroundings, and not stranded in isolation


Lighting Design

Our purpose is to create environments that people can live and breathe in comfort and most of that, when done properly goes unnoticed, however, one can always recognise and applaud excellent thoughtful lighting which is used to express structural form and create mood.

Our expressive and creative designers work with architects and clients to provide original conceptual designs which enhance the space both visually and emotionally whilst respecting appropriate low energy design.

Lighting of course does not need to be artificial and creative use of natural light can improve a space, enhance architecture and provide an environment that people enjoy.

Project Management

We can help to manage your projects dealing with contractors and sub-contractors, clearing the smoke and mirrors often associated with the M&E sector and ensuring your projects are delivered on time and on budget. We can assess contract costs and variation claims ensuring value for money and we can check if the contractor is delivering the quality expected.


We Have The Experience & Expertise You Need

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