We have finally made it into 2021 and at times during lockdown it seemed a long way off, sadly however not much has changed, except that with the role out of the vaccine there is some optimism and light at the end of the tunnel, and I am sure in a few months time life will begin to return to some sort of normal.

Steve Hunt cropped

Out of crisis there are always positives and as we all move forward with our extended vocabulary such as quarantine, shielding, furlough, Zoom, unmute and an unprecedented use of the word unprecedented and even a new number called R we look forward to what 2021 may bring in terms of our economy.

In our line of business, we are fortunate enough to still have a market and as with the 2008 recession Healthcare has kept us in reasonable shape. Whilst there was an initial race to develop isolation suites, Nightingale wards and negative pressure facilities the market is now more considered and is focused on long term planning and in the delivery of a more robust NHS which we all hope will include a better offer to address the stark shortfall in staff.

Whilst like many we have had to tighten our belt, we have a strong team of people; the lifeblood of our business, who have come off the blocks refreshed and ready to accept the challenges the new year brings, which has certainly started with a flourish and we are certain it has set the tone for the months ahead.

We look forward to the new year with optimism and If nothing else there is one thing that’s changed forever and that is the way we communicate and the use of online meetings which has been a revelation and whilst some meetings still need to be done in person the traveling time saved for the majority has been most welcomed.

Happy New Year.