Sock Monkey’s MIPIM Musts!

It’s that time of the year again. Next week, the world’s property and construction industry will be heading over to the South of France for an intense week of networking, deal-making and exclusive project announcements.

Steven Hunt & Associates have been going for many years taking our well-known and much loved company mascot, Sock Monkey, with us. In fact, he has become quite the legend out in Cannes and real expert in knowing how to make the most out of his time there. 

With preparations well under-way here in the office, Sock Monkey has kindly put together five of his “MIPIM musts” for any first-time MIPIM goers. Take a read!

sock monkey at MIPIM

Two words, throat lozenges.

It’s a long and hard week of talking. Late nights, early mornings & alcohol can take its toll on your throat. Keep it lubricated or you may find by Wednesday you have no voice!

Don’t peak too early.


I always try not to have a drink until at least 6pm! (Don’t quote me on this, but I do try )

Sock monkey on sun lounger at MIPIM

Take care of your feet…

They will do a lot of mileage that week. You should have now bought some comfy shoes and I do hope you have worn them a few times before you head off to France! 

Colour code your appointments.

I have no doubt that your diary will be jam packed with events but let’s be honest you’re not a super human and you can’t be in two places at once! For ease, I always colour code my appointments – green for must attend and orange for all others.  You may not make them all, but if you can get to a few it is good to have the details in your diary.

Bring a paper diary with you.

…and be wary of the time difference.

sock monkey by pool mipim

I hope my MIPIM tips help you to have a successful and enjoyable week out in MIPIM. Make sure you look out for our MD Steve Hunt on the Liverpool Stand on Tuesday at 2 pm. He will be giving a very special talk called, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road… or is it Concrete?, it’s not one to be missed!


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