Meet the Engineer – Peter Wilson


Name: Pete Wilson

Role: Project Engineer

Worked at SHA for: 5 years.

Which of the projects you've worked on has been your favourite? Why?

The Private Clinic at Fitzroy Square in London, interesting because of location, working with different contractors than normal and the nature of the project. This project involved the conversion of a basement office space into a new private clinic complete with 2No theatres, recovery rooms and a number of consulting rooms. The constraints of the existing building fabric where onerous so trying to accommodate all of the mechanical plant/equipment within was a challenge.

Fitzroy Clinic London - Pete

Fitzroy Square Hospital, London

What's your favourite thing about working at SHA? 

The team mentality and how people come together when others need help, the atmosphere within the office is at most times positive with a good mix of people in each team.

If you weren't a mechanical / electrical engineer, what would you be?

Food critic, it would be nice to be paid to go and sample food in a variety of restaurants.