Meet the Engineer – Dave Norcross

Name: David Norcross

Role: M&E Projects Manager

Guilty Pleasure: Cycling, swimming, caravanning, walking and an avid whiskey tester!


Which of the projects you’ve worked on has been your favourite? Why?

The Salford Theatres schemes. Over eight have been delivered at the site along with an Interventional Angiography suite. All involve lots of survey work and close liaison with the Trust. Over the years we have learnt lessons on each one and applied what we have learnt to the next scheme. Some difficult times but it’s always good to look back at the challenges and see that we rose to them

We also did an interventional MRI Scheme at Walton centre which is one of only a few in the country. This was a challenge as this also needed to be serviced from a remote part of the hospital and it was our first real full BIM / Revit scheme so we all learnt lots!!


Salford Angiography

Interserve - Walton IMRI _0367

The Walton Centre IMRI 

What’s your favourite thing about being a member of the SHA team?

Just being part of a good team and working with a boss who understands

If you weren’t a mechanical / electrical engineer, what would you be?

Who knows!! I could be a brain surgeon but that would be a lie!. Maybe a swimming teacher as that is what I used to do in my spare time with a swimming club in Liverpool.