Thermal Modelling


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We know exactly how much energy a building will use – and how to minimise energy consumption – when the plans are still on the drawing board.

Using state-of-the-art software we can produce a virtual dynamic thermal model of any building, however large or complex, and accurately predict energy consumption, carbon emissions, operating costs and the comfort of the potential occupants.

From the 3D model, we can calculate sunlight penetration and where to shade diffuse sunshine. We can also simulate natural ventilation, compare the energy efficiency of different construction and glazing materials and examine the relative benefits of heating and cooling technologies.

With the addition of weather data into the simulation, we are able to see the impact of changing temperatures, wind speed, air flow and humidity on the building’s energy performance, for every hour of every day.

Interpreting the combined data from the model, our engineers are able to explore the most viable sustainable strategies and translate them into working solutions for the buildings of the future.

Thermal Modelling

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