Sustainable Development


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Sustainable building technologies are key to the government’s pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 80% within 40 years.

Currently, buildings account for 45% of all carbon emissions in the UK.

Inevitably there are increasingly stringent requirements for new buildings to demonstrate environmental efficiency and a low carbon footprint.

Our integrated team of building services engineers, low carbon consultants and environmental engineers employ the latest CAD and Dynamic Simulation Modelling software to explore the widest range of sustainable options for each individual project.



We produce tailored assessments which identify the most viable solutions – from low energy heating and cooling to responsive lighting and rainwater harvesting – to reduce CO2 emissions and cut the use of non-renewable resources. Importantly, we extend our sustainability remit beyond the immediate construction of a building, to encompass long term operational issues including waste management and recycling, transport to and from work and health and well-being.

We’re experts in sustainable development, with extensive experience across all sectors. And we work closely with clients and design teams to create buildings which set new standards in environmental performance and win acclaim for their creative design and engineering.


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